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The Story Behind Art for Sancy

Sancy Jo Shaw lived a life based on giving. She gave herself to her family, to friends, to her students, to her community and to God. She was intentional in her actions and pushed everyone who crossed her path to be the best person they could be.

On December 24, 2018 her life was cut short after an intoxicated driver hit her car head on, killing her instantly and critically injuring her six-year-old daughter Charlee.

She left behind her husband Brett, four adored children, and a devastated community of family and friends. The once bright light that emanated from her magnetic soul momentarily faded. Through grief and a determination to keep Sancy’s legacy alive, that light continues to shine on.

On Saturday, December 7, her presence will be felt at the Jace Romick Gallery in Steamboat Springs, where works by 35 artists will hang in honor of Sancy.

Shine On, an art show to benefit the Sancy Shaw Memorial Scholarship is the result of a conversation between Brett and a local writer and artist who felt compelled to answer a prayer.

The scholarship was set up to keep the impact Sancy had on so many young lives going. Deeply spiritual, Sancy found her calling as a science and English language arts teacher at North Routt Community Charter School. Her life’s mission was to challenge, protect and encourage others to embrace the world around them. Brett did not want that inspiration to be lost.

His hope to raise enough money to ensure the future of the scholarship set up in her name, struck a cord within the artist community. Over 35 talented individuals answered the call to give, driven by the mission to make a difference.

Most of the artists never knew the Shaws personally but had been touched by their tragedy. Every piece of artwork and the venue has been donated, allowing 100% of the shows’ proceeds to benefit the scholarship fund.


The Shaw Family

Sancy Jo Shaw brought her passion for life “beyond four walls” to everyone she met, wrapped in a package of love that made each one feel special.

As a wife and mother, Sancy lived life to the fullest, with her husband Brett and four children, Wyatt, Mason, Jaxon and beautiful little girl, Charlee. Sancy wore many hats: avid runner, fly fisher, skier, snowboarder, soccer player, and lover of all things outdoors. She was well known in the Steamboat Springs and Clark communities as a devoted follower of Jesus, and really found her calling as a Science and English Language Arts teacher at North Routt Community Charter School.

Sancy had a profound impact on those she came in contact with.  Whether a lifelong friend or one-time acquaintance, your life was forever changed by her infectious spirit.  Tragically on Christmas Eve, 2018, Sancy and Charlee were hit by a drunk driver on Interstate 70 west of Denver. Charlee was airlifted to Children’s Hospital, Colorado, but Sancy did not survive.
After months in hospital, Charlee returned to the family home in Clark passing through streets lined with locals welcoming the six year old back. She continues to make massive strides on her long journey to recovery.

The family continues to adapt to their new life day by day, but they are guided by Sancy’s bright light to Shine On.